About CompanyMortgages.co.uk

Since the government made the announcement that made being a private landlord unfavourable. Many private landlords have been hit with higher tax bills or forced to sell their properties.

We try to help answer the following questions: 

"Should I invest in property through a limited company?"

"How do I invest in property through a limited company?"

Historically, many buy-to-let property investors invested privately as there wasn't as much benefit of setting up a registered company and taking on the admin overhead. Not to mention, many landlords made in the past 30 years had started off as accidental landlords.

The UK is seeing more and more properties being purchased through a limited company. There is a large number of lenders and brokers that cover residential mortgage compared to the business mortgage lenders.

That's why we have pulled together as many resources as possible to help smaller UK property investors find the right help. CompanyMortgages.co.uk was created with property investors in mind.

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