What is CompanyMortgages.co.uk?

We are simply a free resource for existing and new property investors who are looking for business mortgage brokers and lenders. Our main mission is to provide value to property investors.

Is CompanyMortgages.co.uk a mortgage broker?

No. We currently do not provide mortgage advice. We are simply a place where you can go to find the right contacts for your next company mortgage.

So, how does CompanyMortgages.co.uk work?

We surf the web for the best contacts in the business mortgage industry and list their details in our database. Sometimes companies get in touch with us and we will assess if they are suitable for our website before listing. We also write blog posts on property investing.

What tools do you have to help my property investment?

We have made (another) mortgage calculator to help you know your mortgage payments. The return on investment is also imperative to know when investing in property - we have a calculator for that too!

Still have questions? Email us at Hello@companymortgages.co.uk

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